Building Your Own Inground Pool

Being in the swimming pool construction industry I get asked often “Is there any way a person could build their own pool?”.

I think first priority is to decide what type of pool you would like to build.

There are 3 popular types of inground pools


  1. Fiberglass Pools; fairly self explanatory. This is a prefabbed fiberglass shell that is built off site then transported to the job and placed in the hole.
  2. Concrete pools; this would cover all types of concrete pool construction including but not limited to gunite, shotcrete, poured walls and block walls where the concrete vessel is to be coated with a non porous material to to provide waterproofing.
  3. Vinyl Liner Pools;  This could be steel walls, polymer walls, wood walls and even concrete block walls used as a structure to support a vinyl liner that will be used to contain the water.

I think we can eliminate fiberglass as an option for a DIY project. Even if one had the experience to carry out such an endeavor it would most assuredly be cost prohibitive.

Although there are many aspects of the fiberglass pool that a knowledgeable homeowner could undertake to cut some off the total cost.

A vinyl liner pool is certainly doable by an experienced homeowner and even if  not able to handle every aspect of the job there are many things that can be done to cut some expenses of the total process.

Concrete pools seem to be the pool of choice for the DIY homeowner, whether it is designed to contain a vinyl liner when completed or the concrete be coated with a waterproofing material for the final finish.

I suggest to anyone wanting to tackle the project of building their own pool to do extensive research first. Know what you are getting yourself into. Be fully aware of your own capabilities. By all means carefully examine the costs of everything and weigh it against the cost of having the pool built by a contractor.

If you have the opportunity to visit a construction site where a pool is being installed, take the time to watch the process.

Remember too that if you build your own pool there are many things that could go wrong and you probably won’t have anyone to fall back on.

Now, not trying to discourage anyone so there is another way. Many if not most pool contractors sub contract a lot of the work out, meaning that these guys are independent and are usually willing to work for you the same as they would a contractor.

In the next post we will discuss options for saving money over using a pool contractor to get the pool that you want at the best possible price.